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Planning future water resources

In 2020, the National Framework for Water Resources transformed the way we plan future water supplies in England.

This requires water companies and other large water users to collaborate across boundaries and develop plans that consider water needs at a regional level. This joined-up approach makes sure that regional plans fit together to provide a national solution.

There are five regional water resource groups. In our region, the Water Resources East (WRE) Regional Plans set out more detail about water supplies for the region, including the needs of the environment.

Water companies develop a Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) setting out their plans and investments, such as: improving efficiency; addressing leakage; restoring the environment; and building new water resources.

Anglian Water’s and Cambridge Water’s latest draft WRMPs explain how we will ensure a sustainable and secure supply of clean drinking water for our customers from 2025 to 2050.

We’re already taking action. Anglian Water is constructing a strategic pipeline in the region that will help us manage demand and supply. Together, Anglian Water and Cambridge Water are also cutting down on leakage and working with our customers to use water more efficiently.

However, we still require new water supplies to provide for the future. To meet this need, we've evaluated many options including desalination, water recycling, aquifer storage, and water recovery.

Both Anglian Water’s and Cambridge Water’s latest WRMPs identify the new reservoir in the Fens as a crucial investment needed to meet the growing demands on water supplies in the East of England.

Reservoirs provide a level of resilience, volume of water, environmental and socio-economic opportunities that other resource options do not provide.

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Following consultation (a separate process from the consultation on our reservoir proposals) we have published revised drafts of our WRMPs. We expect these plans to be finalised later in 2024.

Read Anglian Water’s draft WRMP here and Cambridge Water’s latest WRMP here

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