Anglian Water - Fens Reservoir
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Feedback form

A reservoir in the Fens and its associated water infrastructure

Phase two consultation

Thank you for taking part in our second phase of consultation and providing feedback on our proposals.

For this consultation we are asking for your feedback on our emerging proposals for the main reservoir site and its associated water infrastructure, including:

  • Our emerging design for the main reservoir site. This shows opportunities for recreation, wildlife, nature, and other features.
  • Our early stage proposals for areas of land in the vicinity of the main reservoir site we could need for environmental mitigation and enhancement, construction, and wider uses.
  • Our proposals for the associated water infrastructure needed to transport water from its source to the reservoir, for treating the water, and for supplying it to homes and businesses.
  • Supporting information about our approach to arrange of topics explained in our project fact sheets.

We have published a suite of information for you to find out more about our proposals, and to support you in providing feedback. Please see our document library for details of the documents available. We encourage you to read these materials before completing this form. The relevant information is explained within each section.

Your knowledge is very valuable to us and we welcome any feedback you have on our proposals. It will help us to further develop our understanding of potential impacts and opportunities for the project and inform the continued development of our proposals. Please provide as much detail as you can when providing feedback.

This form is organised into sections which correspond to the different parts of our proposals as listed. Please complete all or any of the sections for which you would like to provide feedback.

Please contact our team on 0800 915 2492 or if you need further support in providing feedback.

Please provide your comments by 23:59 on Friday 9 August 2024.