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Our latest proposals

During our phase one consultation in 2022, we asked people for their comments on the proposed site we had identified for the reservoir and the features they would like to see included.

We have since been progressing our proposals for the reservoir site to give everyone a better idea of what it could look like and what it could deliver, considering the feedback we received.

We’ve also been developing our plans for the associated water infrastructure that we need to fill the reservoir with water, treat it, and supply it to homes and businesses.

Our latest proposals for the project include:

  • The emerging design we’ve developed for the proposed reservoir and its embankments, based on the opportunities and constraints identified at the site, engagement with stakeholders, and feedback from our phase one consultation. This is something that will continue to evolve as we refine our proposals further, based on more detailed studies, engagement, and feedback. View emerging design
  • The associated water infrastructure options we’ve identified for operating the reservoir as a whole water supply scheme and the infrastructure we would need to do this. This includes our proposals for transferring raw water from rivers to the reservoir, to treat the water to make it drinkable, and to supply to homes and businesses. View associated water infrastructure proposals
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This diagram shows what our proposals include at this stage
This diagram shows what our proposals include at this stage This diagram shows what our proposals include at this stage
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Useful documents

You can view and download our project documents here


A guide to our proposals and phase two consultation brochure


Phase two consultation - associated water infrastructure proposals


Phase two consultation - main site design brochure

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